Module 2: How Money Gets into Politics

How does private wealth get into politics? In this module we will examine the basics of elections and money.


1. Read Become An Expert. 

2. Read the following excerpts from Jay Mandle’s book Creating Political Equality: Elections as a Public Good:


3. Money in Politics affects all the issues we care about. Every issue we face in this country is in some way connected to the influence of private money in politics. Helping student advocates for a variety of issues understand the importance of money in politics is an essential goal of Democracy Matters. These readings will help you address these connections.


Explore these links to find out how campaign money affects these hot-button issues and why we need real reform: education, environment, women’s rights, civil rights, the economy, poverty.


Then read these Why Everyone Should Care About Money in Politics.


4. Read and download these flyers to link Fair Elections to hot-button issues.


Fair Elections – Environment

Fair Elections – Healthcare

Fair Elections – Housing 


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