September 2017 Enews

MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDER...CAMPUS HIGHLIGHTS...IDEAS OF THE MONTH...QUOTE OF THE MONTH...CONGRESSIONAL FAIR ELECTIONS NOW...MONEY ON MY MIND...DM FIELD ORGANIZERS...FACTS YOU CAN USE... MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDER Welcome to the 2017 monthly Democracy Matters E-News! Never has there been a more important time to stand up and resist attacks on our democracy. Democracy Matters students are doing just that, by educating and mobilizing their campuses. Together we stand against intolerance, bigotry and the power of big political money. Join me in reading and disseminating our E-News each month. Celebrate our victories, check out our latest happenings, and help us create a government that is truly of, by and for all the people. Follow us now on Twitter @DemocracyMatrz for all the latest updates on DM victories and money in politics news. And don’t forget to like us ... Continue Reading

The Avalanche of Outside Spending

Donald Trump’s attack on democracy has come in many forms, and it represents a continuing threat. Yet he has confronted strong resistance whenever and wherever the American people have been asked to acquiesce to his authoritarian ways. When requested to turn over voter information so his administration can pursue a fishing expedition to purge voter rolls of millions of law-abiding citizens, state officials have resisted. His effort to intimidate the press has backfired, with reporters more ready than ever to call out his lies. Most heartening of all has been the massive revulsion at Trump’s effort to establish an equivalence between neo-Nazis and their opponents. The massive demonstration and rally in Boston, as well as Trump’s precipitous decline in national polls, make it clear that the American people are not willing accomplices in his administration’s effort to subvert democracy. Unhappily, that level of resistance has not been mounted to oppose the ... Continue Reading