February 2017 Enews

GREAT DM SUMMIT...CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT...QUOTE OF THE MONTH...IDEA OF THE MONTH...MONEY ON MY MIND...FACTS YOU CAN USE... THE GREAT DM SUMMIT The 16th fabulous DM Summit theme this year was “Saving Our Democracy.” Nearly one hundred DM activists attended interactive workshops on the art of grassroots organizing, effective political messaging, lobbying your reps, and building great Democracy Matters chapters. We heard from Morris Pearl of Patriotic Millionaires on why we need public financing of elections, from Zephyr Teachout on running for office, and from Rosemary Rivera of NY Citizen Action on race, inequality and social change. In breakout groups, we shared experiences and strategies for campus organizing, and networked with each other and with DM staff, alums, board of directors members, and Adonal Foyle, DM’s founder. Energized and inspired, we returned to our ... Continue Reading

Defeating Trumpism

Flawed as it is, American democracy rests on a foundation that Donald Trump is in the process of destroying. That foundation is composed of the institutions and patterns of behavior that permit citizens to become informed about critical issues and also to influence policy. That structure works imperfectly. With it, very rich people have too much political power. But after Donald Trump’s first month in office, it is clear that even that imperfect system is being dismantled. In both tone and substance, Trump’s message is that his political opponents are enemies, not simply people with whom there is political disagreement. He does not adhere to traditional patterns of respectful discourse. A rougher form of politics is employed: Hillary Clinton should be locked up; members of the press are “enemies of the people;” individuals of the Moslem faith should be barred from the country; it is acceptable to conspire with the Russians to ... Continue Reading