December 2017 Enews

DM SUMMIT REGISTRATION...CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT...ELECTION 2017...QUOTE & IDEA OF THE MONTH...MONEY ON MY MIND...THE TAX SCAM...FACTS YOU CAN USE... THE DEMOCRACY MATTERS SUMMIT Register today to be part of the Democracy Matters National Student Summit, February 10th and 11th. Join DM activists, staff, alumns and others for two days of sharing best practices, workshops, networking, lectures, and updates on voting rights, money in politics, and more. Register now. CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT North Carolina State University’s new DM chapter is leading the way with their activism. A successful lobbying workshop, led by DM’s Anita Kinney, has prepared them for their meetings with elected officials. And their successful “Numbers Campaign” posted numbers representing money in politics around campus for three weeks, followed by several days of tabling with information about its negative impact. They’ve also done unique advertising - tagging ... Continue Reading

Culturally Inclusive, But Economically Unequal?

Even as the people of the United States become more ethnically diverse and socially inclusive, our political system reinforces economic inequality. On one hand, a recent Gallup Poll headline reads: "Americans Hold Record Liberal Views on Most Social Issues." (1) On the other hand, Jonathan Rothwell in the New York Times reports that our political process is responsible for the fact that, since 1980, U.S. income inequality has increased more than in any other economically developed country. (2) The contradiction is revealed on a daily basis. The struggle for women’s equality is advanced as victims of sexual violence speak out and receive increasing support. But at the same time, the Trump Administration goes on the attack against the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, the most important institution protecting people from banks that act as financial predators. That the political system and its politicians are not responsive to the preferences of the American ... Continue Reading