May 2016 Enews

CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT...DEMOCRACY SPRING/AWAKENING...ENVIRONMENT INTERNSHIP...QUOTE OF THE MONTH...$1,000,000...MONEY ON MY MIND...FACTS YOU CAN USE... CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT – EMERSON COLLEGE DM chapters everywhere celebrated Earth Day April 22nd. But Emerson College DMers took it one step further, hosting an exciting premier for their great new video, “Money in Politics & the Environment.” It dramatically highlights the connections between big campaign donors and environmental degradation. (Also see “Facts You Can Use” below). Led by Cabot Petoia, Emerson DM also registered new voters, helped get out the vote for the Massachusetts primary, and produced a second great video, “Student Loans: A Story of Corruption.” Go Emerson! Video: Big Money in Politics & the Environment Video: Student Loans: A Story of Corruption DEMOCRACY SPRING/DEMOCRACY AWAKENING When the fight for money out of politics and voting rights took to the streets, Democracy Matters ... Continue Reading

Spring Awakening

The power exercised by private wealth in this country is all pervasive. It shows up in every walk of life: education, health care, housing, employment, the criminal justice system, and of course in politics. But as the gap between the privileged few and everyone else has become a yawning chasm, an oppositional movement has come to life. Occupy Wall Street first brought the problem of inequality to public prominence, and Bernie Sanders has carried it into the electoral realm. The 5,000 people Democracy Spring and Democracy Awakening mobilized in Washington during the weekend of April 16-18 -- with more than 1,000 people engaged in civil disobedience and arrested by the Capitol police -- has built on those efforts. Could it be that we are witnessing the growth of a social movement that will provide the political dynamism necessary to create a more egalitarian America? There are grounds for optimism. The coalition ... Continue Reading