Student Testimonials

Aseem Padukone, UC Berkeley: “It’s good to feel I am making changes in the world. We have made a lot of progress on this campus raising awareness on the issue of money and politics.”

Pat Frank, Miami University of Ohio: “Democracy Matters gives students a reason WHY they believe what they believe. Very slowly but surely Miami is becoming used to being a beacon for social change and the campus at Christmas is unrecognizable from the campus we started working on in the fall.”

Aniqa Islam, Queens College: “I have learned so much about money in politics and about successful and effective organizing!”

Cody Meador, Southern Methodist University: “This is our first semester and we have had success already. Next semester we want to EXPLODE on the campus!”

April Conant, SUNY/Oneonta: “Its’ great to break away from the apathetic college student stereotype that plagues my campus and be an active citizen.”

Tom Byrne, Vanderbilt University: “Democracy Matters has really developed my leadership skills. Thanks for all the help!”

Brittany Schweer, University of San Diego: “Democracy Matters has given me hope that we will be able to create change and make our democracy truly the people’s.”

Zach Levine, Winston-Salem University: “Democracy Matters has opened my eyes and shown me that I can truly be an effective activist and make a difference.”

Franscwai Davis, UNC/Charlotte: “I have honestly learned more about our political system and how to make change with DM than I have in my entire academic career.”

Coley Phillips, Western Carolina University: Democracy Matters has brought college students together on my campus, gotten them interested in politics and politically mobilized. It’s the best!”

Shawn Cloonan, University of Texas, Austin: “There is a problem, public financing is the answer, and Democracy Matters dispenses the resources and guidance to students in order for them to fix it. That opportunity is an amazing one.”

Drew Warshaw, Cornell University: “We can point to political activity around many other environmental concerns to show the connection between campaign contributions from industry and weak environmental policy. Who lobbies against tougher emissions standards? Who lobbies against clean water laws? Who lobbies against logging, mining and drilling restrictions? Every time you look at the opponents of environmental protection, you see major donors to political campaigns.”

Alex Cole, Vassar College: “Democracy Matters genuinely values the input of young people. The Democracy Matters staff provides me with the resources and guidance to get our community excited about campaign finance reform and organized for action. But in the end, we, the members of the Vassar Chapter, decide and implement what we think will work best in our community. This model works extremely well. The organization gives students the chance to be creative leaders, but is ready to offer project ideas and coaching to help students overcome snags. I can think of no other group that so effectively inspires, encourages, and challenges young people to become creative organizers around such an important issue. Democracy Matters chapters should–and must–exist on every college campus.”

Jennifer Ayers, East Carolina University: “Democracy Matters has made an impact on me because I have become very passionate about this particular issue. I have decided to write my honors paper on campaign finance reform.

Nicholas Feden, Temple University: “Personally, Democracy Matters has given me a chance to direct my activist energies toward the most efficient issue for overall social change – one that touches on all those things I care about: poverty, equality, civil rights, student rights, etc.”

Kacie Winsor, LeMoyne College: “Democracy Matters has given me the experience and knowledge central to the challenges and enjoyment of organizing a group of people around a social justice cause.”

Liana Grossman, Colgate University: “One of the most important objectives of our Democracy Matters group is to educate young people, whether they be high school students or college students because despite popular belief, young people are not apathetic. They simply aren’t aware of the outlets available to voice their opinions and make change happen.”

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