April 2015 Enews

CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT...A GREENER EARTH...2016 PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN...MONEY ON MY MIND...QUOTE OF THE MONTH...ICE CREAM AND ACTIVISM...FACTS YOU CAN USE CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT: THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Democracy Matters Campus Highlight this month goes to Shoubhik Sinha and his DM members at the University of Minnesota. Highlighting the corruption of democracy by big money political donations, this DM chapter has successfully worked with other political groups both on campus and in the community. They have created close connections with faculty members and local businesses through their "endorsement campaign." And with Minnesota Common Cause and Represent US, they drafted the "Anti-Corruption Act," an anti-corruption/public financing bill. Their "Deep Fried Democracy" event, selling deep fried candy bars, raised money for their upcoming "Democracy Concert." And on April 2nd, they will join other Democracy Matters chapters marking the anniversary ... Read More

Hillary’s “Fix”

What significance should be attached to Hillary Clinton’s recent statement that we should “fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all, even if it takes a constitutional amendment?” It is easy enough to dismiss her solution by pointing to its limitations. First, it addresses only those expenditures that are formally independent of campaigns, and even there she objects only to “dark money” - those expenditures whose sources are not revealed. She does not even mention that the millions in contributions that go directly to campaigns are provided by a tiny elite. Further, Clinton’s statement is totally devoid of specifics concerning the constitutional amendment that she implies might be required. Indeed the question that has to be asked is why she even mentions a constitutional amendment at all. If what she seeks is disclosure of “dark money,” all that is needed is for ... Read More