May 2014 Enews

MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDER...CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT…MONEY ON MY MIND…QUOTE OF THE MONTH...IDEA OF THE MONTH…FACTS YOU CAN USE A MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT This is our final ENEWS of the year. But of course we’ll be back again in September for our 14th year, with actions and activism by Democracy Matters students all over the country. Democracy Matters chapters continue to mobilize young people to advocate for public campaign financing – the reform that can make our government truly of, by and for the American people a reality. I send my personal congratulations to Democracy Matters activists – from California to Vermont, from North Carolina to Colorado – for your passion, determination, and many successes. I’m looking forward to working with you again next year as together we transform America. Adonal CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT: THE ... Read More

Ferguson, Missouri

To understand what happened in Ferguson, nothing is more important than appreciating the extent of the political alienation that exists in that suburban community. With a population of 21,205, Ferguson is 65 percent African-American. Its voter participation rate was a shocking 12.3 percent in 2014, and was even lower in 2012 and 2013. This political disaffection is not an aberration. In her book, Trust in Black America, Shayla C. Nunnally reports that survey data shows that “Blacks are more likely than any other racial group to report trusting local government ‘hardly ever.’” 1 Dubious about the intentions and efficacy of government, especially at the municipal level, there is a logic to individuals choosing not to vote. The downside of that logic however is obvious. In the absence of the exercise of Black electoral power, Ferguson’s mayor, five of six members of its City Council and almost all members of its police ... Read More