October 2016 Enews

CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT...IDEA OF THE MONTH...MONEY ON MY MIND...QUOTE OF THE MONTH...FIGHTING BIG MONEY...LOBBYISTS, MONEY & LEGISLATION...FACTS YOU CAN USE... CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT Democracy Matters students at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania have started off the year flying! They’ve organized voter registration drives, successfully targeting first year students, many of whom have joined DM. They are co-hosting Presidential Debate parties with their Political Science department. And at a Common Cause conference on millennials, Gettysburg DMers presented their plans to get students out to vote. There's more....With “social media storms,” the chapter is asking their Congressional representatives to support the movement to get big money out of politics. And in the week before the November election, they are staging outdoor improv theater events - "Auctioning off the White House" to the highest corporate bidder! Go Gettysburg DM! More ... Continue Reading

Full Public Financing is the Answer

This essay concerning the objectives of campaign finance reform is written ten days before the election. If the Republican candidate wins, read no further. The issue will be moot. However, if Hillary Clinton is elected, democratizing the electoral process will at least be an agenda item, though far from easily achieved. For that reason, it is important to identify clearly the principles that should be satisfied with reform legislation. We start from the assumption that because rich people disproportionately pay for electoral campaigns, they have too much influence on political outcomes. That influence protects their economic interests and biases politics to match their conservative viewpoints. To make the political system less biased, the excessive role played by wealthy individuals needs to be reduced. What would seem to be an obvious solution would be limiting their campaign contributions. The problem here is that we already have such limitations. They, however, were weak when ... Continue Reading