October 2015 Enews

CAMPUS HIGHLIGHTS...VOTER REGISTRATION...MONEY ON MY MIND...IDEAS OF THE MONTH...DM SUMMIT...QUOTES OF THE MONTH...FACTS YOU CAN USE... CAMPUS HIGHLIGHTS Students Sign DM "Restore Democracy" Pledge Over 500 students at Northeastern University signed the "Restore Democracy" pledge at a "Flow for Fair Elections" cookout and band concert organized by Northeastern Democracy Matters. Northeastern DMers also traveled to New Hampshire to help collect more pledge signatures there. And when Bernie Sanders spoke at the University of New Hampshire last week, Democracy Matters chapter members were there to collect another 920 signed pledges. Other DM chapters are canvassing and tabling with the pledge - getting more and more signed every day. Sign the Pledge online. VOTER REGISTRATION PLUS For three years in a row, Vassar College Democracy Matters has registered students to vote during their Freshman Orientation, and at the ... Continue Reading

A New American Socialism

Writing in The Nation magazine, Eric Alterman recently celebrated the fact that “economic inequality has finally risen to the top of the list of most Americans’ concerns.” Citing recent polls, he reports that more than 2/3 of respondents think our economic system favors the rich, and more than 80% believe that the nation’s wealth gap is a problem for the country. (1) Anti-elitist activism, first brought to prominence by Occupy Wall Street and more recently by Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, possesses a wide foundation of support. Not surprisingly, the polls also find strong support for the government to act to remedy the problem. The Pew Research Center reports that 69% of those surveyed thought the government should do “a lot” or “some” in this regard, and Gallup finds that a majority supports increased taxation on the wealthy. The public clearly understands that market forces alone will ... Continue Reading