November 2015 Enews

DM SUMMIT...CAMPUS HIGHLIGHTS...HONEST ELECTIONS...MONEY ON MY MIND...IDEAS & QUOTE OF THE MONTH...DM ALUMNAE...FACTS YOU CAN USE... DM SUMMIT Last call to register for the Great!! Democracy Matters National Student Summit. Join us for exciting workshops on running S.M.A.R.T campus events and meetings, money in politics as a civil rights issue, holding candidates’ feet to the fire, lobbying and becoming an expert on money in politics. Meet our founder Adonal Foyle as well as DM board members and staff. And hear from inspiring Keynote speakers, Connecticut Senator Gary Holder-Winfield and Professor Jay Mandle. All that plus networking, strategizing, sharing best practices, and more. Register now! CAMPUS HIGHLIGHTS: MONEY IN POLITICS & CIVIL RIGHTS Democracy Matters students at Duke University and Guilford College in North Carolina, and at Simmons College in Massachusetts recently focused on the important ... Continue Reading

The Importance of Movement Disagreements

The need to drastically change the way political campaigns are financed is no longer a fringe issue. The private money-out-of-politics reform movement has succeeded in raising alarm bells about the damage the “pay-to-play” system inflicts on our democracy. Everyone but the willfully ignorant knows there is a problem, and there is an active discussion going on about how to solve it. The campaign finance reform movement has come a long way. But as a movement matures, it inevitably is forced to confront internal disagreements about strategy. Such differences can easily be papered over and ignored when no one outside the movement is paying attention. But that is no longer possible when its strategic decisions might well have long-term consequences. An op-ed in the Washington Post by Lawrence Noble, General Counsel at the Campaign Legal Center, made it clear there are differences within the reform community. In the article, he called out Hillary ... Continue Reading