Student Summit Materials


Workshop Handouts

Become a Public Financing Expert: A Brief History of Campaign Finance Reform

Organizing a S.M.A.R.T Campaign/Event

Handout for Workshop on Holding Their Feet to the Fire

Facts About the Private Prison Industry

Talking Points and Facts You Can Use

Effective Lobbying Presentation

Envisioning and Building a Real Democracy: A New Movement for Equal Opportunity

Careers in Social Change: Internship and Career Possibilities

Winning Over Your Audience: Tips on Great Public Speaking & Audience Engagement: Audience Engagement Techniques

Lobbying Your Elected Officials: Lobbying is not Just for Big Business!

Democracy Abroad: War, Peace, Poverty and Social Change: Democracy Abroad

Connecting the Dots: Our Corny Diets– The Corporate Manipulation of Nutrition, Agriculture and Environment: Corporate Take-Over of Food and Environment

Connecting the Dots: Civil Rights: Handout 1, Handout 2

Connecting the Dots: Women in Politics

Handout for Workshop on Empower Student Voters

Handout for Workshop on Building a great Chapter

Money on my Mind Articles:

money on my mind graphic

Ferguson Missouri

Funding Environmentalism

Why Climate Change is Ignored

After Health Care Now the Harder Part

Changing America with Grassroots Organizing

Escaping the Small Government Trap

The Need for Judicial Public Financing

Other Handouts:


Excerpts from Democracy Matters in the News

Small Donors Make Big Impact, Albany Times Union, Dec. 30, 2010

Campus Publicity Ideas

How to be an Expert Speaker

Answering the Critics 2015

NY TIMES Teachout

Sample op ed

Media: Op Eds and LTE’s

Tabling Tricks of the Trade

Newsroom Handout

Women in Fair Elections

Website Piece

10th Annual Summit in the News:

WAMC Northeast Public Radio

Public Campaign Voter Blog

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