Potty Politics

Create a Potty Politics newsletter that can be posted inside the doors of bathrooms around campus once a week. Simple, always the same format and look, between a flyer and newsletter – something catchy. Adding a picture or a cartoon is great. Don’t make the print too small and post them everywhere!!

General DM Flyers, Event Announcements, Information Flyers, and Voter Registration Flyers can be found in Downloadable Materials.

Here are some examples of Potty Politics:

Potty Politics

SUNY New Paltz: Does Your Vote Really Matter?

Boise State University: Connecting Students to Their Education

Gustavus Adolphus College: International Public Health

Gustavus Adolphus College: The Wisconsin Fiasco

Gustavus Adophus College: Vices

St. Lawrence College: Does Your Vote Really Matter?

University of Pittsburgh: Income Inequality

Vassar College: Civil Rights

Vassar College: The Environment

Vassar College: Gun Control

Vassar College: War with Iraq

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