Pizza & Politics Discussions

Other names for a series of discussion events: “Facts and Snacks” or “What’s on YOUR Mind?”

Organize weekly or bi-weekly (or even once or twice a semester) discussions on current events. Make it informal – a Democracy Matters member can facilitate the discussion or invite a faculty member! Choose a current hot-button issue (environment, student tuition, mass incarceration, etc) to discuss, but leave plenty of space for people to raise other subjects and give their opinions. Be SURE to link the topic to the issue of money in politics. (See Issue Impacts.)


Make all the discussions the same time, same day of the week and same place so people get used to coming there. If your campus has a free period each week, do it then!

Your flyers should list ALL the times and dates and place of the discussions so it is clear it is a series!

Make it clear that all topics and ideas are welcome!! Non-partisan!!

Collect names and contact information from attendees!

Get co-sponsorship (and funding?) from the Political Science or Sociology Departments!

If you can get funding – do this as a lunch-time Brown Bag!

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