This is a really effective coordinated campaign. It should work as follows:

1. Your group should create a one-page leaflet. Generally, a leaflet is a cross between a flyer and a one-page newsletter. Like a flyer it should be visually pleasing, but a leaflet should have more text than a flyer. Ideally, each leaflet will mention three things: a) the problem of money-in-politics, b) that seven states are using fair elections (full public financing of campaigns) and ten municipalities that have experimented with public financing that is inexpensive, easy to implement, and works, and c) how to get involved with your group. You should also mention the website where people can go to get more information. Also list your campus coordinator’s contact information for Democracy Matters.

2. Each member of the Democracy Matters group should be given enough copies of the leaflet for one classroom. They should arrive at the classroom before the start of the class and place it on the seats. The basic idea is for people to read it while they are waiting for classes to begin.

3. If someone feels uncomfortable doing this in a class where they are enrolled, they can do another class. The same process would apply. They should arrive early to a classroom and place them on seats. The best time is before the first classes of the day. Arrive around 8 am, when classrooms are typically being unlocked. Place them on the seats of a large lecture hall that is used for an 8:30 class.

4. Some students might want to do more than one class. That is great. Make as many copies as you need and send us the bill. Given the large number that will be done across the 25 Campus Coordinator campuses, you should keep these to one side and black and white. You should be able to photocopy for about 5 cents a piece or each student print 40 or so copies off her/his computer.

This is a great way to get others involved. You might hand this project over to a member of the group. You also might want to ask each member to write one paragraph. For great ideas, see Sample Leaflets developed by other campuses.

Be sure to write in your OWN university name and your own contact information. Personalize it for your campus as much as you can.

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