Downloadable Materials

Use the material below to liven up your campaign/event. Please submit your own ideas to add to our collection of organizing materials. Please send your own creations (posters, flyers, op-eds, petitions, etc.) to Joan Mandle.

Art Projects

Constitutions for DM Clubs
    Vassar College
    East Carolina University
    Cornell University
    Holyoke Community College
    North Carolina Central University
    Bloomsburg University

End of Semester Report


Film Screenings (also see Recommended Films)

Flyers & Posters
   Pictures, Cartoons, and Clip Art
   Quarter Cards

Letters to Politicians
    Sample #1
    Sample #2

Lobbying Legislators

Logos for DM

Media Outreach

Meeting Tips

Music & Bands

Organizing SMART Campaigns


Poetry Slam

Power Points
Where We’ve Been and What We Do
    Getting Elected in America
    Recruiting for DM
    Power Mapping Your Campus
    Democracy Matters: Getting Money Out of Politics
    Improving Environmental Policies Through Campaign Finance Reform
    Getting Money Out of Politics
The Role of Money in Politics (Webpage)
    The Role of Money in Politics (Power Point)
    Introduction to DM Presentation

Press Releases
Sample Press Release
    Cornell University Press Advisory
    UC Berkeley Press Release

Publicity Ideas

Quizzes About Money in Politics

Reimbursement Form

Sign Up Sheets
    Sign Up Sheet (1)
Sign Up Sheet (2)

Speaking Tips
    Short Raps for Classroom

    Short Raps for Canvassing
    Audience Engagement

    How to be an Expert DM Speaker
    Become a Public Financing Expert

Theater (Improv)


    Online Video for Social Action
    McCutcheon – Alexis Breaks it down
    Marianne Williamson – Full public funding and amendment focus
    Great news clip
    Public financing pre-Montgomery County in MD
    Post-Montgomery County in MD
    Plea to Cuomo for Fair Elections
Dear Mr. 1%

Money in Politics Workshop
    Citizen Power Workshop
    Becoming a Student Activist
    Clean Elections Workshop

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