November 2014 Enews

CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT...JUST FOR FUN...MONEY ON MY MIND...VICTORY IN MARYLAND COUNTY...QUOTE OF THE MONTH...IDEA OF THE MONTH...FACTS YOU CAN USE CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT: University of New Hampshire In October, DM's UNH chapter was busy planning and publicizing a campus visit by Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders spoke to a crowd of over 250 students and community members at the Democracy Matters organized event. Speaking passionately about the destructive influence of big private money on the political system, he emphasized how important student activism is in the fight to take back our democracy from wealthy campaign donors. At the event, Senator Sanders became the first U.S. Senator to sign Democracy Matters’ "Democracy Pledge." The pledge, also signed by 187 audience members, states: "I support restoring Democracy by publicly financing elections and taking big money out of politics." ... Read More

Mayday II

Last month I expressed skepticism concerning Mayday Pac USA’s strategy to advance the cause of campaign finance reform. In the aftermath of the election, Lawrence Lessig, who along with Mark McKinnon is the prime mover behind Mayday, assessed the results of its work on its website. Mayday supported candidates in two primary elections and six Congressional races including two for Senate seats and four for the House of Representatives. Dismissing the facts that Mayday-backed candidates were victorious in only two (largely uncontested) races, and that the one incumbent supported by Mayday lost, Lessig is upbeat. He writes, “Did we show politicians electoral consequences for opposing or supporting reform? Absolutely.” He goes on, “Did we show that the issue of money in politics can move voters? Yes.” It is on the basis of these favorable judgments that Lessig looks forward to the 2016 election with the goal of “elect[ing] a Congress ... Read More