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Automatic Voter Registration: A Solution to Voter Suppression?

Harvard Political Review December 17, 2017 By Josh Berry On a quiet Mississippi road, one evening in June 1964, a gang of Ku Klux Klansmen attacked three workers ... Continue Reading

SUNY New Paltz Hosts Democratic Forum

The New Paltz Oracle Dec. 7, 2017 By Meg Tohill After rumblings of disappointment in New York Congressional District 19 over the actions of  U.S. Congressman John Faso, ... Continue Reading

Pat Fahy’s Visit

Emma Willard School By Olivia Pintair November 20, 2017 Patricia Fahy, New York State Legislator and Assemblyperson, recently visited the school to speak to students. Hosted by the ... Continue Reading

Women, Money, and Politics: Can We Win

The State Times (SUNY Oneonta) November 17, 2017 By Melissa Rosman On November 9, Professor of Sociology at Colgate University and Executive Director of Democracy Matters, Joan Mandle, ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters hosts its first “Democracy and Donuts” ...

The Bulletin (Gettysburg College) Oct. 31 2017 By Bridget Verrekia On Monday, Oct. 30, Gettysburg College’s political club Democracy Matters held its first “Democracy and Donuts” event. Democracy ... Continue Reading

History professor elected to Dutchess County Legislature

Miscellany News November 15, 2017 By Clark Xu and Kelly Vinett [Full Disclosure: Kelly Vinett interned with the Dutchess County Democratic Committee, but did not work directly with ... Continue Reading

Why we need to make campaign finance reform ...

Technician (North Carolina State University) Nov. 14, 2017 By Michael Kolor 2.1 billion dollars. That staggering figure does not represent the net worth of an NFL or NBA ... Continue Reading

Students start Democracy Matters chapter at BU

The Daily Free Press (Boston University) May 2, 2017 By Ludi Wang Boston University student Kaitlin Geraghty is starting a new organization called Democracy Matters on campus to ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters answers commonly asked questions about politics

The Simmons Voice By Katie Campbell April 12, 2017 What is the National Budget? A national budget is a proposal of revenues and expenses that a government plans to ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters ponders Trump-era voting rights

The Miscellany News (Vassar College) By Ashley LaMere April 5, 2017 “I don’t think voting is the end, but rather the beginning, of political participation. Voting is a ... Continue Reading

U.S. Senate should reject Neil Gorsuch

The Miscellany News (Vassar College) March 29, 2017 By Conor Eliot On Mar. 21 and 22, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch testified in front of Senate for his ... Continue Reading

The national budget and student involvement

The Simmons Voice (Simmons College) March 23, 2017 By Katie Campbell This week President Donald J. Trump released the new National Budget. One of the highlights of this ... Continue Reading

Panelists encourage students to use the press for ...

Pipe Dream (SUNY Binghamton) March 13, 2017 By Alexandra Hupka Since President Donald Trump’s inauguration, the media has faced major criticism, prompting journalists and readers alike to voice ... Continue Reading

Student Voice: Do not Confirm Neil Gorsuch

The New Paltz Oracle March 7, 2017 By Travis Bederka As students, we need to care about what happens in our country’s future because that future will be ... Continue Reading

Corrupt system

The Gainesville Sun March 2, 2017 By Sam Jenkins Letter to the Editor On March 14, Gainesville citizens can fight back against our broken political system. As you may ... Continue Reading

Democracy matters to Gettysburg College students

The Gettysburgian (Gettysburg College) December 4, 2016 By Benjamin Pontz Anita Kinney travels the country to talk about politics … except that she speaks not on behalf of ... Continue Reading

New Club Democracy Matters Hosts First Event

The Ramapo News November 16, 2016 By Pauline Park Just as the 2016 presidential election came to a close last week, a new organization called Democracy Matters was ... Continue Reading

Money Issues Dissuade Candidates from Running

The Ramapo News November 7, 2016 By ALEXANDER CORDARO An anti-establishment sentiment looms over the country in this rather unconventional election year. The issue of money in politics ... Continue Reading

The Congressional Candidate Who Wants to Change the ...

The Cut November 3, 2016 By Claire Landsbaum Zephyr Teachout and I are seated on the patio of the Catskill Mountain Pizza Company. She’s sipping an orange soda ... Continue Reading

Trickle-Up Democracy: State and Local Ballots Give Voters ...

Measures to reduce the influence of money on politics could win approval in cities and states across the country Nov. 8. Moyers & Company October 31, 2016 By ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters Panel Calls for Campaign Finance Reform

Harvard Crimson October 31, 2016 By Edith M. Herwitz and Gabriela J. Siegal Panelists argued that money has a skewed role in the American political process at an ... Continue Reading

Political Panel hosted by Democracy Matters speaks about ...

The Equinox (Keene State College) October 19, 2016 By Mary Curtin On Oct. 12, students, faculty and community members gathered in the Alumni Center on the Keene State ... Continue Reading

Why Overturning Citizens United Isn’t Enough

You don't have to think our democracy works perfectly to be appalled at Donald Trump's attack on it. Moyers & Co. October 20, 2016 By Adam Eichen Amidst all ... Continue Reading

Get Out the Vote at Emerson

Atlas Online (Emerson College) October 12, 2016 By Jessica Morris On Tuesday, November 8th, millions of Americans will cast their votes in the presidential election. But, you might ... Continue Reading

Letter to the editor regarding campaign finance reform

Pipe Dream (Binghamton University) October 14, 2016 By Grace Clark If there is one thing we can agree in the 2016 election, it’s that our democracy is rigged. This ... Continue Reading

Talking Democracy with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

Moyers & Company October 12, 2016 By Frances Moore Lappé and Adam Eichen Editor’s Note: Frances Moore Lappé, founder of the Small Planet Institute and an arrestee during ... Continue Reading

Gipson promotes campaign finance reform, engages students

The Miscellany News (Vassar College) October 12, 2016 By Sarah Henry On Oct. 6 at 7 p.m., the New York State Sen­ate candidate for Vassar’s district Terry Gipson ... Continue Reading

Emily Creighton Founds GW Chapter of Democracy Matters

George Washington University October 6, 2016 By Emily Creighton I started working on bringing Democracy Matters to GW last semester. I partnered with nationals and we discussed if ... Continue Reading

NYers head into Election Day concerned about U.S. ...

Poughkeepsie Journal October 8, 2016 By Joseph Spector ALBANY – New York’s upstate economy has shown uneven gains, and while New York City and its suburbs outpace the ... Continue Reading

Get out the (register) and vote

A plea to millennials The Rival (George Washington University) October 5, 2016 By Elizabeth Hupper Deadlines are all too familiar for college students. But did you know that one ... Continue Reading

Students organizations work to improve voter registration

Miscellany News (Vassar College) October 5, 2016 By JAKOB ECKSTEIN Voter registration day was last Tuesday, Sept. 27. Symbolically, it’s an important day, re­minding us that November is ... Continue Reading

The Presidential Debate Missed the Biggest Issue

Getting money out of politics gets bipartisan support, so why not go for a mandate? Moyers & Co. September 28, 2016 By Frances Moore Lappé and Adam Eichen Despite ... Continue Reading

New Club Aims to Get Money Out of ...

The Grizzly (Ursinus College) September 27, 2016 By Valerie Osborne Democracy matters at Ursinus, or at least that’s what junior Jon Gerhartz is hoping. This semester Gerhartz is starting ... Continue Reading

All Talk, No Action? Clinton and Trump on ...

Harvard Political Review September 26, 2016 By Blu Frankel The pervasive influence of money in politics has become ingrained in the public’s perception of how the government works. ... Continue Reading

To Endorse, Or Not To Endorse—That Is The ...

Huffington Post Sept. 14, 2016 By Frances Moore Lappe and Adam Eichen Public figures and political organizations are wringing their hands: Do we publicly throw our weight behind ... Continue Reading

Do The Wall Street Banksters Now Own The ...

Down with Tyranny July 27, 2016 When Khrushchev denounced Stalin, it sent a powerful jolt through the Russian political firmament, a jolt that eventually led to the ... Continue Reading

Dr Joan Mandle of Colgate NY USA, Executive ...

Plains FM New Zealand June 6, 2016 Democracy Matters, with branches at several American universities, is dedicated to getting corporate money out of American politics. Bernie Sanders has ... Continue Reading

From the NBA to Social Activist: An Immigrant ...

Moyers & Company By Joan Mandle and Adam Eichen May 17, 2016 Former Golden State Warrior Adonal Foyle is pushing students to help solve the money-in-politics problem. Following last ... Continue Reading

Obama Expresses Support For Making Election Day A ...

Think Progress By Emily Atkin May 12, 2016 President Obama likes the idea of changing the way — or the day — Americans vote. In an interview published Thursday, ... Continue Reading

SoundCloud Interview with Adonal Foyle

SoundCloud April 28, 2016 Former NBA big man Adonal Foyle joins the show to discuss what kind of teammate Dwight Howard would be for the Blazers. Listen Here. Continue Reading

Adonal Foyle brings message of inspiration to Poughkeepsie ...

Poughkeepsie Journal May 4, 2016 By John Ferro When is being 6-feet, 10-inches tall not tall enough? When you're a center in the National Basketball Association, according to former ... Continue Reading

Ravel maintains importance of campaign finance reform

The Miscellany News (Vassar College) By ANIKA LANSER AND RHYS JOHNSON April 6, 2016 On April 5, Commissioner Ann M. Ravel of the Federal Election Commission spoke on ... Continue Reading

SU student warns democracy ‘in peril,’ calls for ...

The Daily Orange (Syracuse University) By Jessica Faunce April 26, 2016 Our democracy is in peril. SuperPACs and billionaires are bankrolling our elections, and as a result, most Americans ... Continue Reading

Campaign Finance Reform Ignored in Election, Panelists Say

The Harvard Crimson By Nikitha B. Reddy and Renwick M. Wilson April 4, 2016 Panelists at a discussion on campaign finance reform at Harvard Law School asserted that ... Continue Reading

Democracy Spring and the US Voting Matrix: How ...

Truthout April 24, 2016 By Candice Bernd The parallel Democracy Spring and Democracy Awakening mobilizations wrapped their week of sit-ins protesting the corrosive influence of money in politics ... Continue Reading

The Democracy Movement Is Here To Stay

Common Dreams April 21, 2016 By Joan Mandle , Adam Eichen SuperPACs and billionaires are bankrolling our elections, and as a result, most Americans have virtually no influence ... Continue Reading

Week-long Democracy Spring protests in D.C.; more than ...

FSRN April 13, 2016 By Tanya Snyder More than 600 activists have been arrested so far this week while protesting the corrupting influence of money in politics. The ... Continue Reading

Protest or Civil Courage?

Common Dreams By Frances Moore Lappé, Adam Eichen April 7, 2016 (This interview was conducted during the Democracy Spring march from Philadelphia to Washington, DC — part of a two ... Continue Reading

Ravel maintains importance of campaign finance reform

The Miscellany News (Vassar College) By Anika Lanser and Rys Johnson April 6, 2016 After witnessing this year’s presidential race, few deny existing fundamental problems of money and ... Continue Reading

What is #DemocracySpring?

Medium By Adam Eichen & Peter James Callahan April 2, 2016 Americans are sick and tired of corporations and billionaires bankrolling our democracy. Eighty-five percent want fundamental changes ... Continue Reading

Interview with Elise Whitaker, Field Organizer of Democracy ...

Medium By Adam Eichen April 4, 2016 We are now almost through our third day of marching. How has the first few days of this march been? It’s been ... Continue Reading

Meet the lead organizer behind the upcoming mass ...

Waging Nonviolence By Simon Davis-Cohen April 4, 2016 On April 2, more than a hundred marchers calling for an end to big money politics set off from Philadelphia’s ... Continue Reading

Elections commissioner to Vassar students: Fix campaign finances

Poughkeepsie Journal April 5, 2016 By Amanda J. Purcell Campaign finance reform has been a talking point on all sides of the presidential campaign — from Republican candidate ... Continue Reading

These Shoes Were Made For Walking

Common Dreams By Adam Eichen April 03, 2016 What ever happened to the days in which Congress members listened to their constituents? Or when the people, not corporations, ... Continue Reading

Campus political activity stirs

The Guilfordian (Guilford College) By Karlen Lambert March 4, 2016 Twenty-one percent of all eligible voters in the United States of America are between the ages of 18 ... Continue Reading

Massive civil disobedience planned at U.S. Capitol to ...

Facing South (Institute for Southern Studies) By Alex Kotch February 19, 2016 On April 2, hundreds of Americans will gather at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to begin ... Continue Reading

2016 Could Actually Matter (If We Make It)

Skidmore News February 14, 2016 By James Rider If you have been paying any attention to the run-up to the 2016 election, you may be most shocked by ... Continue Reading

The system is just this rigged: The Kochs, ...

Salon February 8, 2016 By Adam Eichen Obama is promising more transparency, but that doesn't go far enough. Large private donations must be made "toxic" The New York Times ... Continue Reading

A how​​ to guide for voter registration

news@Northeastern By Joe O'Connell February 5, 2016 With the whole country focused on the pri­mary elec­tions in New Hampshire on Tuesday, it can be easy to forget that ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters explores the role of students

Concordiensis (Union College) By Joshua Meger Feb 4, 2016 As many already know, Democracy Matters, one of Union’s clubs with the aim of educating young adults on the ... Continue Reading

The media has a Bernie Sanders problem: What ...

Salon By Max Stahl and Cyrus Patten Jan 22, 2016 Citizens get the corrosive effect of money on politics. Seems like only the big media refuses to accept ... Continue Reading

The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen

WNHN Radio December 15, 2015 Joan Mandle, Assoc. Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at Colgate University, on Hillary’s “problem.” Listen Here. Continue Reading

The one simple thing Hillary Clinton can do ...

It's hard to win when 60 percent of voters doubt your honesty. Embrace this issue and she can turn it all around Salon December 13, 2015 By Joan ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters!

Every Voice Speaks Oct 29, 2015 When Joan Mandle's son signed a lucrative contract with the NBA, they sat down as a family to decide how he ... Continue Reading

Junior coordinates ‘Jammin’ for Justice’ concert

The Daily Orange (Syracuse University) By Molly Berger October 19, 2015 After interning for the New York Public Interest Research Group, Alexis Rinck decided she wanted to make ... Continue Reading

Club Spotlight: Democracy Matters

The Emory Wheel (Emory University) By Alisha Compton Oct 19, 2015 Democracy Matters is a national movement fighting to get money out of politics through student-led, non-profit, non-partisan ... Continue Reading

The New Public Option

The American Prospect Magazine By Justin Miller Fall 2015 Despite hostile courts, can our campaign-finance system be reformed from the bottom up? On paper, Juan Mendez wouldn’t have jumped ... Continue Reading

Recent elections expose flaws in voting process

Concordiensis (Union College) Oct 8, 2015 By Rory Bennett In the ideal presidential election, ordinary citizens can influence the congressional members of their respective states to support for ... Continue Reading

Campaign finance reform a must for elections

Poughkeepsie Journal October 1, 2015 By Christopher Clark As the presidential race starts to pick up steam and candidates start to unveil massive campaign spending plans in pursuit ... Continue Reading

Don't Fall Behind: TurboVote Autumn Leaderboards

Democracy Works September 3, 2015 By Brandon Naylor My name is Brandon and I’m the Director of Communications for Democracy Works, makers of TurboVote. Over the next month ... Continue Reading

Pledge to Get Big Money Out of Politics ...

The Intercept September 4, 2015 By Jon Schwarz Last Sunday at a campaign event in Iowa, former Maryland governor and Democratic presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley responded to a ... Continue Reading

Trump Responds to Idea of Public Campaign Financing ...

The Intercept August 6, 2015 By Jon Schwarz Democracy Matters, a national student organization founded “to get big private money out of politics and people back in,” is ... Continue Reading

To Topple US 'Oligarchy,' Sanders Calls for Publicly ...

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton responds to question about big money in politics with 'a flavorless mush of platitudes' Common Dreams August 5, 2015 By Deirdre Fulton Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, ... Continue Reading

Clinton, Asked What She’ll Do About Money in ...

The Intercept August 3, 2015 By Jon Svhwarz Newly available video shows Hillary Clinton at the Iowa City Public Library responding to a request from Mason Buonadonna, a ... Continue Reading

Further Questions for Hillary Clinton

On July 7, 2015 in Iowa City, Iowa, Mason, a DM student intern at the University of Iowa, asked Secretary Hillary Clinton, a strong contender ... Continue Reading

How pro athletes lose everything

New York Post June 14, 2015 By Maureen Callahan You are barely out of your teens, and have been signed to a multiyear, multimillion-dollar contract by a pro ... Continue Reading

How Jolly Ranchers model democracy

Concordiensis (Union College) May 7, 2015 By Micheal Glassman and Rory Bennett “I’m going to sit back and wait before I donate,” said a donor. “See how things ... Continue Reading

Students Speak Out Against Corrupt Elections

The State Times (SUNY Oneonta) April 8, 2015 By John Mahon Why have most Americans, and especially young people, given up on democracy? Did you know that less ... Continue Reading

Liberty & Justice for All?: The Politic$ of ...

The Skidmore News By Don Reed April 10, 2015 On Feb. 23, 2015, Skidmore College hosted a panel titled “Liberty & Justice for All?: The Politic$ of Prison” ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters encourages student activism

The Appalachian (Appalachian State University) April 1, 2015 By Madison Barlow When freshman chemistry major Christa Adjei first saw a flier for Democracy Matters hanging in Sanford Hall, ... Continue Reading

Geneseo Students Seek SUNY-Wide Protest to Brown and ... (SUNY Geneseo) December 5, 2014 By Conrad Baker GENESEO – SUNY Geneseo’s campus thundered to chants of “Black lives matter” and “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” as hundreds ... Continue Reading

SU students establish Peace Action organization, aim to ...

The Daily Orange (Syracuse University) February 16, 2015 By Thomas Beckley Students have established and will participate in a local chapter of the Peace Action New York State ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters may be newest Elon political organization

The Pendulum (Elon University) April 30, 2014 By Michael Bodley A new student political organization is aiming to join the likes of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) and ... Continue Reading

Op-Ed: SLC Should Care About Local Politics

The Phoenix (Sarah Lawrence College) February 09, 2015 By Kelly Roldan When I came to Sarah Lawrence after my gap year, one of the things I was most ... Continue Reading

Letter: Gerrymandering, an issue in American politics

Huntington News (Northeastern University) October 23, 2014 By Joseph Griego Dear Editor, I am confident that if I said the current US Congress was one of the most dysfunctional ... Continue Reading

Letter: Next steps for an effective climate change

The Huntington News (Northeastern University) September 25, 2014 By Caiman Kai On Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014, over 310,000 people assembled in New York City for the People’s Climate ... Continue Reading

Buying Off the Judiciary

The Harvard Crimson December 17, 2014 By Daniel E. Backman, Jonah C. Hahn, and Samuel M. G. Plank With a little more than a month since the 2014 ... Continue Reading

Lawmakers show indifference to Americans' needs by gutting ...

The Conversation December 16, 2014 By Jay Mandle The political system’s indifference to the needs of the American people could not have been made clearer in recent days. At ... Continue Reading

Club Profile: Democracy Matters

The Skidmore News December 5, 2014 By Billie Kanfer It has been brought up time and again that Skidmore students do not care about politics. After this past ... Continue Reading

Interview by Citizen Action NY re: Democracy Matters

Justice Works Radio: Episode 1 November 17, 2014 By Roberto LoBianco From workers demanding an increase to the minimum wage, to working to reduce the influence of money ... Continue Reading

Your (Campaign) Financial Woes

November 10, 2014 By Spencer Bradley It’s that time of year on campus. The leaves turn a dark auburn brown. The air gets cold. You can smell ... Continue Reading

How big oil won Republicans power at the ...

RTCC.ORG Nov. 15, 2014 By Allison Reilly and Victoria Hoffmeister The resounding Republican victory in the 2014 midterm elections displayed that, despite unprecedented contributions from green groups, environmentalists ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters founder visits campus, stresses importance of ...

The Lamron November 6, 2014 By Nicole Smith Geneseo’s chapter of Democracy Matters hosted a discussion panel in which the organization’s founder, associate professor of sociology and anthropology ... Continue Reading

You probably won’t vote on Tuesday … but ...

Concordiensis (Union College) October 30, 2014 By Ken White Young people want nothing to do with politics. New data from the Pew Research Center and Reason Magazine points to ... Continue Reading

Student Orgs Working to Get Out the Vote

Vassar Hub October 24, 2014 By Larry Hertz Hotly contested races for seats in Congress and the New York State Legislature are spurring plenty of political activity on ... Continue Reading

Teachout: Growing influence of corporate money taints political ...

Times Herald-Record Oct. 24, 2014 By Jeremiah Horrigan NEW PALTZ -- It's not the smoke-filled rooms of yore that are making it impossible for people to run for ... Continue Reading

How a Former NBA Player Changed the Debate ...

Public Campaign September 24, 2014 By James King 13 years ago, former NBA player Adonal Foyle founded the nonprofit Democracy Matters to fight the takeover of our democracy ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters

September 9, 2014 By Jay Mandle Political and income inequality grow in tandem. The two create a self-reinforcing cycle. Increased economic inequality has its mirror image in ... Continue Reading

Ready to Learn

Slam August 25, 2014 By Max DelSignore It is early March 1996. The scene is Colgate University—a small, private liberal arts institution tucked away in the tiny village ... Continue Reading

Joan Mandle, campaign finance activist and Colgate professor, ...

Syracuse Post Standard June 9, 2014 By Michelle Breidenbach SYRACUSE, N.Y. - Joan Mandle, a Colgate University professor and the executive director of Democracy Matters, said she is ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters may be newest Elon political organization

The Pendulum (Elon University) April 30, 2014 By Michael Bodley A new student political organization is aiming to join the likes of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) and ... Continue Reading

Faceoff: Fair Elections

The Lamron (SUNY Geneseo) April 3, 2014 By Josh DeJoy and Nadezhda Klimenko Josh DeJoy In conjunction with several other student activist groups at Geneseo, Democracy Matters raised important ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters Summit

The Quill (Russell Sage College) February 12, 2014 By Kayla Hartman On February 1st, nine Russell Sage students had the privilege of attending the 13th Annual Democracy Matters ... Continue Reading

Public Financing of Elections

WERW Syracuse College Radio Feb. 21, 2014 WERW Syracuse College Radio Station hosted by Jeremiah Thompson featured #Fairelex on their show last week, featuring our Syracuse Organizer ... Continue Reading

Student group Democracy Matters to present campaign finance ...

Daily Freeman News March 4, 2014 Campaign finance reform proposals introduced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his executive budget will be the topic of a forum at ... Continue Reading

Public campaign financing will empower American voters

Syracuse Post Standard Feb. 28, 2014 To the Editor; Our democracy is under siege by big campaign donors. But reform may now be imminent. Because of multiple money scandals, ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters: A letter from the chapter founder

The Skidmore News December 5, 2013 By Juanita Tabb Skidmore students are actively working to get big money out of politics and people back in! A new club, ... Continue Reading

Is the U.S. a Democracy?

Colgate Maroon News October 28, 2013 By Lee Tremblay The cost of higher education. The Great Recession. Divisive politics based on party lines. The underrepresentation of women and ... Continue Reading

Political Activist Group Stirs Up Campus

The State Times (SUNY Oneonta) May 1, 2013 By Cady Kuzmich Adonal Foyle has always been interested in how young people can impact history. Foyle, NBA star, poet ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters: Fighting for Finance Reform

The State Times (SUNY Oneonta) November 6, 2013 By Ryan Hendrickson At the beginning of October, the politicians of Washington D.C., too stubborn to compromise, were willing to ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters Encourages Participation

The Springfield Student (Springfield College) November 14, 2013 Pat Kenney We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters encourages student activism in national politics

The Lamron (SUNY Geneseo) November 14, 2013 By Maya Lucyshyn Students and activism can go together like peanut butter and jelly. From ending the Vietnam War to fighting ... Continue Reading

America is a Democracy

The Hill News (St. Lawrence University) October 2013 By Russell King America is a democracy, right? Alas, this is increasingly not the case. If anything, America is a ... Continue Reading

Nichols, McChesney talk ‘Dollarocracy’ at Brown

RI September 25, 2013 By David Segal There’s a great free event at Brown next Wednesday, about the biggest threat to American democracy - and how we ... Continue Reading

Campus forum: students seek fair elections

The Ionian (Iona College) October 2, 2013 By Joseph Sgammato If you are worrying about student loans, expenses during college, getting a job and other fiscal issues, you ... Continue Reading

NY corruption commission to press lawmakers September 24, 2013 ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - New York's latest anti-corruption commission will press for details of state legislators' outside income and law clients just days ... Continue Reading

Anti-corruption commission holds second meeting September 24, 2013 ALBANY, N.Y. - New York's latest anti-corruption commission pressed for details of state legislators' outside income and law clients just days after the ... Continue Reading

Corruption-fighting Moreland Commission convenes in Albany September 24, 2013 By Dan Levy ALBANY - Against the backdrop of what seems like endless scandal, Governor Cuomo's anti-corruption Moreland Commission got back to work Tuesday ... Continue Reading

Our Democracy Is Broken, But We Can Fix ...

The Harvard Crimson September 25, 2013 By Daniel E. Backman What does $6.5 billion buy? For Harvard, it buys House renewal, campus expansion in Allston, a larger engineering ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters strengthens students’ efficacy

The Lamron (SUNY Geneseo) September 15, 2013 By Cailan Rourke So how involved in democracy are you? Do you want to be more in tune with political happenings, ... Continue Reading

Campaign finance reform remains major political issue

The Daily Orange (Syracuse University) September 17, 2013 By Ethan Demers No political issue strikes more at the heart of democracy than campaign finance reform. But now, after years ... Continue Reading

Campaign reform advocates meet with Onondaga County DA ...

Syracuse, N.Y. - The investigative commission formed to root out political corruption is aiming to first propose new policies to strengthen New York's much criticized ... Continue Reading

A TLN Exclusive Interview with Politically Involved Former ...

Adonal Foyle is possibly the smartest man to ever play in the NBA. After attending college at Colgate University, which is one of the top ... Continue Reading

Supporters of public campaign financing say they were ...

Syracuse, N.Y. – Seven government watchdog groups filed a complaint today with New York’s Committee on Open Government charging the public was barred from a ... Continue Reading

The U.S. Should Use Public Funding for Political ...

As the Wesleyan campus leader for our chapter of Democracy Matters, a national student-led grassroots movement dedicated to strengthening the freedom and fairness of our ... Continue Reading

Speaker to talk about publicly funded elections

Between advertising, community outreach, discussion groups and campaign staff, elections to governmental offices cost money. An advocate for fair elections will speak in Skaneateles about ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters branches to MU

On Thursday, April 18th Joan Mandle, the executive director of Democracy Matters, had dinner with members of the Millersville chapter of Democracy Matters from 4:30p.m. ... Continue Reading

Students Rally for Fair Elections, Reform

Students gathered at the Livingston County Courthouse on Friday April 12 as part of the Rally for Fair Elections, hosted by Geneseo’s chapter of Democracy ... Continue Reading

The Fight for Fair Elections

If you are okay with the fact that New York politicians receive huge contributions from big contributors and then give tax breaks to corporations but ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters meets MU

The nationally recognized grassroots student organization, Democracy Matters, might be making it’s way to MU. Founded in 2001 by former NBA player Adonal Foyle, Democracy ... Continue Reading

Basketball, Politics and YOU!

March Madness is not just about basketball. These college basketball players do have a life outside of basketball, and some of them are making a ... Continue Reading

Public financing gives power back to people

The editorial concerning campaign finance reform was misguided with regard to public financing, (“Campaign laws need a big fix,” March 15). As president of Vassar ... Continue Reading

Be it Resolved: All U.S. federal political campaigns ...

Both independent and campaign expenditures in the 2012 presidential and congressional campaigns reached an all-time high. In total, $6 billion was spent on the elections.As ... Continue Reading

We the People

“We the people, in order to form a more perfect union.” Over 200 years ago, these words launched America’s unprecedented experiment in democracy. Today, we ... Continue Reading

Cuomo must fight for Fair Elections

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has amassed popularity across the state and nation, touting a record of progressivism. However, the coming months will be the true test ... Continue Reading

Brockport club encourages political informity

Georgiana Perelka, recent founder of the Brockport chapter of Democracy Matters, has a vision for American politics. After an election season wrought with the taint ... Continue Reading

Lawmakers must listen to students

As a student at the University at Albany, I've heard many people say my generation is aloof and apathetic to public affairs. But many students ... Continue Reading

Dan Cantor and Jonathan Soros on Saving Democracy ...

There's no question that big money calls the shots, or at least tilts the debate, on many issues vital to America's democracy and integrity. Dan ... Continue Reading

Citizens United: Money in Politics After November

One of the underlying narratives of this most recent election cycle was the historic amount of money being poured into campaigns across the country and ... Continue Reading

Geneseo Votes encourages political activism, provides election information

On Tuesday Nov. 6 from 12-3 p.m., Democracy Matters hosted Geneseo Votes in the Union Ballroom. It was an event that allowed a variety of ... Continue Reading

2012 election cycle draws attention to campaign finance ...

Campaign money doesn’t grow on trees. If it did, maybe our government would put environmental policy at the top of the political agenda, or make ... Continue Reading

Politically Minded Groups Prepare for the Election

With the presidential election close at hand and political jousts reaching a fever pitch, several organi­zations across campus are working to facilitate the discussion of ... Continue Reading

Voter Registration Update

This past week, Union College’s political science honor society, Pi Sigma Alpha, worked with the College Republicans, the College Democrats and Democracy Matters to ... Continue Reading

Get involved with your local government body

It’s election season. The sighs of apathy from the student body are audible. “Politics don’t impact me.” Thursday evening I attended a civic engagement forum ... Continue Reading

Adonal Foyle Made All His Teammates Vote

Adonal Foyle hasn't followed the typical trajectory of a professional athlete. Adopted at age 15 by two professors from Colgate University in upstate New York, ... Continue Reading

Iona Students Watch Debate, Discuss Issues

About 70 Iona students gathered in the LaPenta Student Union building at Iona College to listen to the first presidential debate and discuss the issues ... Continue Reading

Where Is Our Democracy? Hidden in Money

The most frightening aspect of the upcoming election is the amount of money being spent to get whoever is going to be elected into office. ... Continue Reading

Money and Politics

Real Talk with Ray Baker is a 30-minute program that provides an Afrocentric take on politics. Ray Baker sits down with newsmakers and discusses everything ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters charters at Sonoma State

 Democracy Matters is a student led national organization with 38 campus chapters nationwide. Democracy Matters at Sonoma State University plans campus events around the ... Continue Reading

Empowerment rally scheduled for Friday

Democracy Matters has joined with various student groups, political representatives and professors to encourage students to be more politically active and knowledgeable about their rights.The ... Continue Reading

Former senator warns against money in politics

Russ Feingold, a former Democratic senator from Wisconsin, called for the overturn of the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ... Continue Reading

“Fair Elections” can provide better candidates, representation

Recent social movements like Occupy Wall Street and other unsatisfied groups in the United States have brought attention to the feeling of marginalization ... Continue Reading

Are Gaels ready to rock the vote?

With the Center for the Study of the American Electorate at American University predicting a significant decrease in voter turnout for the 2012 election due ... Continue Reading

Now is the Time for Fair Elections

Fairelectionsny.orgApril 18, 2012By Sean CollinsToday, an unprecedented coalition of groups – labor, faith, student, community, business, good government, and national – held a press conference ... Continue Reading

Magic's Adonal Foyle: General Manager in Training

Adonal Foyle sees one problem after another appear on Otis Smith’s plate, and he questions the sanity of his chosen career path."I tell Otis, 'I ... Continue Reading

Buick Human Highlight Reel

Adonal Foyle He focuses on building student-athletes. Not just athletes.View the video.About the Buick Human Highlight Reel:It started with a simple idea: find stories that ... Continue Reading

Students Across New York Working Hard for Fair ...

The push to pass Fair Elections in New York State is growing rapidly. Students across the state are gearing up for lobby visits and are ... Continue Reading

A Conservative Case for Campaign Finance Reform

In September 2011, I was asked to join Democracy Matters, our campus’ pro-campaign finance reform group, to give a conservative perspective. Despite confusion by some ... Continue Reading

Congressman Paul Tonko talks campaign finance reform

On Feb. 23, Congressman Paul Tonko (D, NY-21) came to Union to discuss campaign finance reform and American elections. Speakers Forum and Democracy Matters organized ... Continue Reading

Student praises Congressman Tonko’s approach to public finance ...

In 2010 the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United, deciding that the First Amendment protects the right of corporations, nonprofit groups, and labor ... Continue Reading

Governor Cuomo’s Bet

All politicians are enigmas. We are never privy to their innermost thoughts. But what we do know is that with very few exceptions they all ... Continue Reading

College Students Across New York Call for Fair ...

College students have always played a critical role in the fight for social justice. And the campaign for Fair Elections NY is no exception. This ... Continue Reading

Film screening, wealth discussion hosted by Democracy Matters

Despite the decrease in media attention, the Occupy Movement is far from over. On Monday, Feb. 20, the Geneseo chapter of Democracy Matters held a ... Continue Reading

Get money out of politics

The term “bribe” is used when something, such as money, is offered or given to a person in a position of trust to influence that ... Continue Reading

Boise State club holds new political forums

The political club known as Democracy Matters at Boise State University (DMBSU) held its first forum on the dining hall stage in the Student Union ... Continue Reading

Hello big money, goodbye public opinion politics

As the competition for the Republican nomination chugs along, the issue of campaign finance reform has made its way into debates, articles and features in ... Continue Reading

If voters owned elections: Colgate University professor advocates ...

I’ve spent the past few months traveling to college campuses — largely in New York state — to talk with students about these concerns. What ... Continue Reading

Don’t Complicate Voting

The Minnesota DailyDecember 1, 2011By Sarah S. ChandlerThroughout history, people have struggled to gain the right to vote, and Minnesota might make it harder for ... Continue Reading

Occupy Wall Street teach-in inspires

Since it began two months ago today, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) has grown from a small encampment in New York City to an international movement ... Continue Reading

Students create 10 steps for change and a ...

As the president of the newly founded Democracy Matters chapter at SSU, I am moved and impassioned by the emergence of the Occupy Movement. The ... Continue Reading

Thanksgiving for Sports Fans: Athletes to Be Thankful ...

Thanksgiving, of course, is a time when many people pause to give thanks for something important in their lives—thanking family and friends for being there ... Continue Reading

Occupy Wall Street and Student Empowerment

As the executive director of Democracy Matters -- a national student organization -- and as an emerita professor of sociology, I spend a great deal ... Continue Reading

Campaign Finance Reform a Necessity

As this week’s Middletown municipal elections spark debate about voter rights and Occupy Wall Street protesters across the nation call for limits on corporate power, ... Continue Reading

Occupiers in Downtown Boise move into tents and ...

KIVI TVBy Eric FinkNovember 5, 2011For several weeks, they have protested in front of the Statehouse and have marched on the streets of Downtown Boise. ... Continue Reading

Fair elections provide alternative

The Occupy movement has been the top story of every news outlet for some time now. Everyone from CNN to Al-Jazeera has dedicated at least ... Continue Reading

Connecting Students to their Education

A day in the life of the average 2011 student consists in waking up, drinking a double-shot whatever, sitting through class, mulching through homework, more ... Continue Reading

Candidates join constituents to discuss issues

On Oct. 25, members of Delta Upsilon Fraternity and Democracy Matters of Boise State, in partnership with Associated Students of Boise State University, hosted a ... Continue Reading

Boise city council and mayoral candidates come to ...

Members of Delta Upsilon Fraternity and Democracy Matters of Boise State, in partnership with Associated Students of Boise State University, hosted a public forum and ... Continue Reading

Occupy Binghamton University

Democracy Matters of Binghamton University and supporters of the occupy movement will be holding a gathering to allow college students of Binghamton University to get ... Continue Reading

Occupy Movement shows resurgence of student activism

The Occupy Movement continues to spread across the nation as protestors express their discontent with the government and the economy. As our Melissa Kakareka tells ... Continue Reading

BU Occupy Movement

Vestal, NY (WBNG Binghamton) A movement that began in New York City, has now gained national momentum.One campus group at Binghamton University joined the Occupy ... Continue Reading

'Occupy Binghamton' protest planned for Saturday

Young adults join up for common cause. Toni Bruni, A Binghamton University sophomore, holds up a string full of fake money decorated with statements made ... Continue Reading

Campaign Finance Talk Draws Surprise Visit by Mayor

An unexpected and lively debate filled PAC 002 Tuesday evening when a talk delivered by two local candidates attracted the attention of local political figures, ... Continue Reading

Radio Interview with DM Coordinator Brandi Robinson

DM Coordinator Brandi Robinson discusses student voter registration, the Occupy Wallstreet protest, and the political process. She encourages students to become involved in democracy by ... Continue Reading

Occupy Boise crowds Capitol

The crowd gathered, drums were beaten and little deodorant was worn.Protesters came with signs stating, “Human Needs Not Corporate Greed.”A solidarity march hit Boise on ... Continue Reading

Students need to speak out to take back ...

The young people protesting and marching on Wall Street and in many other cities is clear evidence that our generation cares deeply about their country ... Continue Reading

Help Minnesota draw its districts

The Minnesota DailyOctober 6, 2011By Sarah S. ChandlerIf you don’t pay attention, the 2012 election could be over before you even get to the polls. ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters: basketball, politics, and you!

Ten years ago, Adonal Foyle, the veteran NBA center who played for 13 years with such teams as the Golden State Warriors and the Orlando ... Continue Reading

Adonal Foyle visits Cal, talks politics

It’s always a little entertaining to see a professional athlete get passionate about something other than sports.For the eccentrics such as Ron Artest, there’s always ... Continue Reading

2 Hamilton residents protest at Congressman Bill Owens' ...

ONEIDA — As part of a national movement to denounce proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare in an attempt to lower the nation’s debt, ... Continue Reading

Discussing corruption and capital in American politics: Why

On April 26, 2011, Democracy Matters hosted the last discussion panel of the spring semester in Romita Auditorium. The discussion concerned corruption and capital in ... Continue Reading

Title X in trouble

As you may know, the New York government is currently debating the state’s budget for the next fiscal year right down the road in Albany. ... Continue Reading

Speaker criticizes corporate influence on US fast-food system

To Megan Luce, the cycle of the U.S. food industry only supports corporate agriculture and leaves the local farmer out."The way our food system is ... Continue Reading

Put People Back into Budget Planning

We hear it every day: budget cuts at the state, local and national level. The funding for student loans and grants will have to be ... Continue Reading

Interview with Joan Mandle, Executive Director of Democracy ...

Joan Mandle, executive director of Democracy Matters, was kind enough to share with us her thoughts on some of the important issues confronting the American ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters-Getting the Big Money Out and the ...

We hear it every day. Budget cuts at the state, local and national level. The funding for student loans and grants will have to be ... Continue Reading

Higher education is the key to Pennsylvania's future

We are all aware of Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposed cuts to higher education. The simple fact is that cuts to higher education in general are ... Continue Reading

The Erosion of Democracy

The worldwide financial crisis that struck a little over a year ago and the ongoing debate over healthcare in America have dominated the discussion in ... Continue Reading

Club of the Week: Democracy Matters

You want to know what really matters? “Democracy Matters!” If you agree, this new club is totally for you. “Democracy Matters, a non-partisan campus-based national student ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters Presents: "Is Stricter Regulations of Firearms ...

Democracy Matters is a student advocacy group on campus that promotes clean election reform. In an effort to enhance discussion at Boston University, Democracy Matters ... Continue Reading

College Democrats and College Republicans Go Head-to-Head

BU Today (Boston University)March 8, 2011By Tom VellnerTwo months ago today, a lone gunman opened fire outside a grocery store in Tucson, Ariz., where a ... Continue Reading

Don’t let the big donors run politics

The Minnesota DailyMarch 7, 2011By Sarah S. ChandlerThe topic of the protests in Wisconsin and the bill that Gov. Scott Walker has proposed — which ... Continue Reading

The Mouse is Mightier than the Sword

Whether we are catching up to those on Facebook, finding our way on Google Maps, doing research for a history paper, or tweeting about Christina ... Continue Reading

Office Hours: Jay Mandle

Colgate Maroon-NewsFebruary 17, 2011By Rebekah WardW. Bradford Wiley Professor of Economics Jay R. Mandle saw his most recent book hit book­stores this summer. Titled Cre­ating ... Continue Reading

'IT CHANGED MY LIFE': Civil rights 'foot soldiers' ...

WASHINGTON - Breathing life into the civil rights movement is now as easy as using a social media app."Civil Rights Meets Facebook," the brainchild of ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters Iona chapter attends annual summit, meets ...

The Iona Chapter of Democracy Matters joined its fellow chapters at the Tenth Annual Democracy Matters Summit in Albany, N.Y. running through the weekend of ... Continue Reading

Legislature takes up voter ID bill

If passed, the bill would require voters to present state-issued identification before voting.Two Minnesota representatives have proposed what 26 other states already require — a ... Continue Reading

Cash Straps

Student Council and the University Board of Elections must push harder to reduce campaign spending in student electionsWhen Student Council unanimously passed a bill Tuesday ... Continue Reading

2011 Democracy Matters Summit

The 10th Annual Democracy Matters Summit was held this past weekend in Albany, N.Y. Over 100 students from 30 different college campuses gathered to engage ... Continue Reading

Campaign Spending Tactics Reassessed

“The whole goal is that if you have a very wealthy student versus a student on almost a full ride, that student shouldn’t have to ... Continue Reading

The Future of WSA Campaign Finance

Last year’s bid for WSA President was a thrilling race to watch, yet the controversial campaigning tactics employed during the election are, at the very ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters Summit

WTEN News Channel 10, Albany, NY Continue Reading

Democracy Matters Summit in Albany

LISTEN NOW:  Democracy Matters is a non-partisan organization that was started at Colgate University ten years ago by NBA star ... Continue Reading

Corporations vs. democracy

On Jan. 21, 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed a century of law that had prevented corporations and unions from spending unlimited amounts of money ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters director speaks at Union

Last Tuesday, Jan. 11, Director of Democracy Matters Joan Mandle, spoke to Union students and faculty about the effects that the Citizens United v. Federal ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters Executive Director Speaks At SLU

The numbers are coming in, and it is estimated that there was a 30-percent increase in spending by political campaigns between the 2006 and 2010 ... Continue Reading

Student-loan anxiety

As a college student, I often feel anxiety about my student loans. The tuition rates at state universities in Minnesota are some of the highest ... Continue Reading

DeLay's convictions opportunity for Fair Elections

Former House of Representatives majority leader Tom DeLay was found guilty Nov. 24 on charges of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering.DeLay has ... Continue Reading

Political Boot Camp at Brown University

About 80 college students and other aspiring political activists got a crash course in Rhode Island politics at a conference held at Brown University over ... Continue Reading

Rhode Island college students urged to get involved ...

With the Democrats taking their lumps in Congress this past election, the engagement and excitement of young progressives that accompanied President Obama’s election in 2008 ... Continue Reading

This Weekend: Rhode Island Students Political Bootcamp

This November hundreds of Rhode Island students will descend on the state's capitol to learn valuable skills for political advocacy and connect to form a ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters event discusses midterm elections

Have you voted? Many citizens reply "no" to that popular question. Voting is as simple as going to your nearby assigned location, and casting the ... Continue Reading

Corporate donors drown out the average voter

I wrote an article in The Miscellany News ("Progressives at Vassar must get involved" 11.03.10) on the eve of the midterm elections bemoaning the fact ... Continue Reading

Who Paid for the 2010 Election?

The 2010 elections have been dominated by headlines about anonymous donors, special interest influence, and record-breaking campaign spending and fundraising. So it’s clear that the ... Continue Reading

Students: Difficulty of voting accounts for small election ...

A severe lack of political consciousness permeates campus, Boston University students said on Tuesday, citing an apparent lack of student voter turnout on Election Day.About ... Continue Reading

‘Boot camp’ to train student infantry

Boot camp is coming to Brown — but without the barbed wire and ropes course.Later this month, the Rhode Island Student Political Boot Camp will ... Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor

Oneida Daily DispatchOctober 28, 2010Dear Editor,Bill Owens should be thanked by all of us for supporting public financing of election campaigns. This would mean that ... Continue Reading

Rock the Vote: Music Meets Politics

With a statewide election year in full swing, a new St. Michael’s student group, Democracy Matters, is putting on an event that promises to spice ... Continue Reading

Lazy voters: Don’t bother

Voting in the United States is a right that should be thought through carefully. If someone is not well informed about the candidates, then that ... Continue Reading

Mawrtyrs Campaign With Cookies in Hand

With Election Day just a week away, the Bryn Mawr student organization Democracy Matters wants to bring attention to the way elections and political campaigns ... Continue Reading

Adonal Foyle makes transition from player to management

Adonal Foyle recently endured the toughest day of his working career.More difficult than a playoff defeat. More painful than knee surgery. More demanding than facing ... Continue Reading

Campaigns too Costly

The cost of campaigns in America has gone overboard. There is no feasible way anyone who isn’t wealthy or willing to play puppet to large ... Continue Reading

House bill promises Fair Elections

MN DailyOctober 14, 2010By Tenzin PelkyiDemocracy won a historic victory Sept. 23 when the Committee on House Administration approved the bipartisan Fair Elections Now Act ... Continue Reading

Gearing up for political action

Towson’s first Freedom Festival took place at Freedom Square Oct. 12 to showcase many of the politically engaged student groups on campus. Democracy Matters organized ... Continue Reading

Knight Talk with Mae Quilty '11 from Democracy ...

Mae Quilty is a senior Political Science Major and has started a group on campus called "Democracy Matters".1. What is Democracy Matters?Democracy matters is a ... Continue Reading

Our chance to reclaim our government

Something amazing is happening in the Congress this week. And it's good news -- in response to the widespread concern about the record $1 billion ... Continue Reading

Making your voice count with Democracy Matters

Have you ever felt your voice is ignored by your elected representatives? That you can’t really affect the issues you care about? Well, now you ... Continue Reading

Constitution Day hosts Executive Director of Democracy Matters

“As an American, I have a right to make my interest heard,” Executive Director of Democracy Matters Joan Mandle said.On Sept. 17, Constitution Day, Mandle ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters: Getting students involved with campus decision ...

“Register to vote over here. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s sexy.”Gus Voss’ unconventional call to action got students lining the Democracy Matters table on the ... Continue Reading

Democracy club starts on campus, recruiting members

A group of Syracuse University students are advocating fair campaigns and elections by trying to bring a chapter of a national organization, called Democracy Matters, ... Continue Reading

Constitution Day to teach Iona students that “all ...

Iona College will celebrate the sixth annual Constitution Day with events featuring New York State Assemblyman George Latimer and Executive Director of Democracy Matters Joan ... Continue Reading

Politically active club born at Iona

Are you a student who is passionate about politics? A student who wants to see political activism on campus? If so, the wait is nearly ... Continue Reading

Balloon Attack Sparks Awareness

Democracy Matters held a water balloon game outside Cook Library on Thursday, Sept. 9, to raise campus awareness of the BP oil spill on the ... Continue Reading

Congressional candidates: Fix elections to make politics work ...

Let’s fix our elections to make politics work for all AmericansOur 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, summarized the goal of American democracy as a “government of ... Continue Reading

Supporters Rally for Fair Elections

CANASTOTA – A group of supporters gathered at a rally in front of the office of Congressman Bill Owens, D-23, on Seneca Turnpike in ... Continue Reading

Do California’s Students Care About Democracy?

With the California senate and gubernatorial races heating up, the state’s finances in the gutter and an education system that’s crumbling, people will have a ... Continue Reading

Guest view: Campaign financing must change

Government Of, By, and For the People. Today, as we honor American democracy and celebrate these inspiring words, we need to re-dedicate ourselves to making ... Continue Reading

Leaders Speak Out Against Corporate Contributions

On January 21, the Supreme Court made a final decision on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (FEC), a judgment which allowed unlimited corporate contributions in state ... Continue Reading

Stopping the Circus

You may have caught some of the recent circus on TV where executives from Goldman Sachs, the huge Wall Street corporation, were grilled by members ... Continue Reading

Corporation Nation - We, the People: A Forum ...

When is a corporation not a corporation? Opponents of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission might say, “When it’s treated like a human being.” On ... Continue Reading

So you think you can be a politician?

On April 14, the Democracy Matters student organization hosted “So you think you can be a politician?” a discussion on the experiences of elected office. ... Continue Reading

Why Adonal Foyle is the Orlando Magic's most ...

The Most Important Player on the Orlando Magic roster hasn't played a minute this season.He's only played 62 minutes over the last two seasons.He wears ... Continue Reading

Poll pans big donors' election influence

Three out of every four residents in the 23rd Congressional District disagree with the Supreme Court's position that corporations should be able to spend limitlessly ... Continue Reading

'Celebrate State' festival to promote student unity

For one group of students, what sets their springtime concert on the HUB lawn apart from the rest is simple: Theirs has a message.A collection ... Continue Reading

Do corporations own democracy?

Last year, the insurance companies gutted health care, the banks walked off with a trillion dollars in bailouts, and the oil, coal, and nuclear lobbyists ... Continue Reading

Do Corporations Own Your Democracy? Speak up.

Last year the insurance companies gutted health care, the banks walked off with a trillion dollars in bailouts, and the oil, coal, and nuclear lobbyists ... Continue Reading

Campaign Finance

Last year, the insurance companies gutted health care, the banks walked off with a trillion dollars in bailouts and oil coal, and nuclear lobbyists hijacked ... Continue Reading

Mawrtyrs Call for Fair Elections Act

Members of Bryn Mawr’s Democracy Matters chapter delivered a petition expressing support for the Fair Elections Act to Congressman Jim Gerlach on Friday, contributing to ... Continue Reading

Big money ruins democracy

When businesses buy government, the people must take action. Last year, as the U.S. economy ground to a halt (brought on by reckless lending and decades ... Continue Reading

Students give Hill finance petition

Six people walked through city hall to congressman Baron Hill’s office wielding a petition with 510 signatures – part of the 180,000 signatures nationwide.The petition ... Continue Reading

Democracy Matters Visits Albany

This weekend, the Colgate chapter of Democracy Matters traveled to Albany to participate in the group’s National Summit. Seniors Mollie Reilly and Sarah Finn, the ... Continue Reading

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