December 2016 Enews

GREAT DM SUMMIT...KOCH BROTHERS & TRUMP VICTORY...CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT...PATRIOTIC MILLIONAIRES & ISSUE ONE...MONEY ON MY MIND...DM HIGH SCHOOL ADVOCATES...QUOTE & IDEA OF THE MONTH...FACTS YOU CAN USE... THE GREAT!! DEMOCRACY MATTERS ANNUAL STUDENT SUMMIT The 17th DM Summit will be February 3rd and 4th in Albany, NY. The Summit’s theme this year is “Saving Our Democracy: Where Do We Go From Here?” Register today to join Democracy Matters students, staff, alumns, and board members in shaping our strategy in response to the 2016 election. Attend exciting activist workshops and discussions including running S.M.A.R.T campus events and meetings, social media organizing, lobbying, defending democracy, public campaign financing, and how to talk about the policy impacts of mega-donors on civil and women’s rights, the environment, immigration, mass incarceration, student debt and more. Network with other campus ... Continue Reading

The Politics of Globalization

The spread of production to poor countries has come at the expense of jobs in the United States. But trade agreements are not the problem. The spread of production globally would have happened whether or not there had been agreements such as NAFTA. Emphasizing trade agreements, as Donald Trump did in his electoral campaign, is a distraction from finding solutions to the job losses associated with trade. It may well be that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) should have been rejected because of the give-aways to big businesses that it contained. But the fact is that very few economists believe it would have worsened the problem of job loss in the United States. As Dean Baker has noted, “We already have trade deals with six of the 11 countries in the pact and have extensive trade relations with the others.” ( But focus on trade agreements like the TPP does act to deflect ... Continue Reading