April 2017 Enews

CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT...APRIL WEEK OF ACTION...MONEY ON MY MIND...IDEA & QUOTE OF THE MONTH...DC FAIR ELECTIONS...FACTS YOU CAN USE... CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT: University of Florida Our campus highlight this month is the University of Florida. Led by Sam Jenkins, this new DM chapter is having a fantastic year. They organized a "White House for Sale" event to auction off a large cardboard cutout of the White House, ran a successful numbers campaign and later held a Town Hall meeting on "Fake Democracy." Other actions include registering students to vote, writing letters to their elected officials, and personally lobbying Gainsville City Commissioners. Sam attributes their successful recruiting, mobilizing and retaining so many active DMers to "telling our personal stories of why we’re fighting big money in politics. It's been important to take the time to have ... Continue Reading

The Cost of Big Donors

More than ever, American politics is a process owned by the super-wealthy. The Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) reports that small-donor contributions (individuals making political donations of $200 or less) fell by about 3.4 percent from 2012-2016. Over those same years, the amount of money provided by the top 0.01 percent of the population increased by 45 percent. That means that more than one-third of the $6.5 billion spent during the 2016 election cycle came from fewer than 25,000 people. But that is not all. At the very top of this group, just 200 people together contributed almost $1 billion. If these were stock holders in a corporation, this small group would own a controlling interest. And they do so in politics. While there is no lack of big Republican donors (Sheldon and Miriam Adelson contributed $82.4 million), the fact is that nine of the biggest fifteen donors identified by the ... Continue Reading