November 2017 Enews

CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT...TAKING IT OFF CAMPUS...DM NATIONAL STUDENT SUMMIT...QUOTE & IDEA OF THE MONTH...MONEY ON MY MIND...DEMOCRACY VOUCHERS...FACTS YOU CAN USE... CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT Having completed their successful voter registration drive, Democracy Matters at Gettysburg College is sponsoring a student-led "Democracy and Donuts" discussion series with both faculty and students joining in. Future topics, connected to money in politics, include NFL kneeling, patriotism and peaceful protest, free speech, and more. DMers are also planning to travel to Pennsylvania's capital in early December for the "Harrisburg Rising" protest against white supremacy. TAKING IT OFF CAMPUS Last month, Simmons College and Harvard University Democracy Matters chapters joined forces on the Boston Common to reach out to their community. Throughout the day, they talked to residents about the corrosive impact of money in politics and about bringing Automatic Voter ... Continue Reading

Defeating Trumpism

If Trumpism is to be prevented from imposing a reckless authoritarianism on the American people, more White workers will have to become part of the resistance than is the case to date. Donald Trump became President because the political Right was able to convince large numbers of White men, primarily those with less than a college education, that a zero-sum game is underway: that the gains secured by Blacks, women, gays, immigrants and others have been achieved at their expense. Though patently false, for many White workers this claim possesses plausibility. Since movement gains represent the triumph of identity politics, it has been an easy sell for right-wing politicians to paint those victories as costly to individuals who are not part of those movements. Now however, there is ample opportunity to erode support for Trumpism. The Trump Administration cannot deliver on the promises made to the White working class. Trump is unable ... Continue Reading