March 2017 Enews

CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT...DEMOCRACY FIELD GUIDE...MONEY ON MY MIND...IDEA OF THE MONTH...FACEBOOK LIVE...QUOTE OF THE MONTH...FACTS YOU CAN USE... CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT Simmons College DM's latest event was a successful “Money in Politics” messaging training, co-sponsored with the transgender student association. Chapter members also table regularly, sponsor voter registration drives, and are getting ready for an event marking International Women’s Day. The Boston area chapters of Democracy Matters are plannng bi-weekly vigils and an April march to protest Trump's failure to "Drain the Swamp," and get big money out of politics. DEMOCRACY FIELD GUIDE DM activist Chris Grinley is featured in a new section of the “Field Guide to Democracy” created by the Small Planet Institute. In his activist testimonial, Chris talks about combining his commitment to the environment with getting big money out of politics. A ... Continue Reading

Trump’s Faux Populist Budget

Markets are essential to a functioning economy. They are needed to coordinate the production and sale of goods and services. But their outcomes are often socially undesirable. A clear case in this regard concerns environmental protection. The normal functioning of markets allows polluters to escape responsibility for and also to profit from the damage they cause. Preventing or correcting such damage requires governmental action. That intervention can reduce corporate profits and thus trigger opposition. But without market controls and regulations, our environment would be even more choked than it is today. Donald Trump’s budget proposals represent a radical effort to remove and reduce desirable market interventions. As such, they make it unmistakably clear that his claim to be a populist is a fraud. His proposals serve the interests of the elites who benefit from unregulated market outcomes, while damaging the rest of us. Conspicuous in this regard are Trump’s proposed cuts ... Continue Reading