September 2016 Enews

MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDER...IDEAS OF THE MONTH...FIRST DEBATE DEMOCRACY...MONEY ON MY MIND...QUOTE OF THE MONTH...EXCITING NEWS...FACTS YOU CAN USE... MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDER Welcome to the 2016 monthly Democracy Matters E-News! With the national focus on the danger to our democracy of big money in politics, students in DM chapters from Massachusetts to California are mobilizing their campuses for change. We are determined to limit the political power of wealth so that every voice can be heard. Join me by reading our E-News each month. Celebrate our victories, check out our latest happenings, and help us create a government that is truly of, by and for the people. Follow us now on Twitter @DemocracyMatrz for all the latest updates on DM victories and money in politics news. And don’t forget to like us on ... Continue Reading

Student Debt

Wealthy people gain political influence by making large campaign contributions. The opposite is also true. Those who do not fund office-seekers can expect to be disregarded at decision-making time. This political precept is particularly applicable when it comes to young people and students. Survey data do not exist to indicate how much money young people contribute to political campaigns. But we do know that far fewer of them make contributions of any size than is the case for older people. In 2012 (the last year for which data are available) 7 percent of people 21 years or younger donated to political campaigns. That percentage for people older than 21 was more than double – 15 percent. With that the case, it is not surprising that issues of importance to those under 21 will be neglected. Because students do not provide campaign funds, support by state and local governments for something very important to ... Continue Reading