March 2015 Enews

CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT...IDEA OF THE MONTH...CHICAGO VOTERS ENDORSE PUBLIC FINANCING...MONEY ON MY MIND...QUOTE OF THE MONTH...FACTS YOU CAN USE CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT: GENESEO – THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NY The Geneseo Chapter of Democracy Matters has been busy building exciting coalitions with other groups. DM at Geneseo worked with a dozen campus groups to stage protests in solidarity with the families of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, and to show support for Hong Kong protesters. They also joined with the Latino Student Association and others to bring artwork by an environmental art collective to the campus, and they send out weekly “What’s Up?” emails to a long list, urging students to get involved. And with the community group Little Lakes Sustainability Network, they are organizing a variety show with music, film clips, stories and featuring ... Read More

To Whom are They Listening?

The most important domestic issue facing the United States is the inexorable growth in income inequality. Calculations provided by Emmanuel Saez reveal that over the two decades from 1993 to 2013, the top 1% of the income distribution experienced a 62.4% increase in income. Everyone else saw their income grow by only 7.3%. Nearly three-fifths (59%) of the overall growth of income that occurred in these years was received by a tiny fraction of the country’s population. 1. Insight into what Americans think about this growth in inequality is provided in a poll taken by the Pew Research Center in January 2014. 2. It reported that 69% of respondents agreed that the government should do “a lot” (43%) or “some” (26%) to reduce the gap between the rich and the rest of the population. What is even more telling, 67% thought that the government can do “a lot” (38%) or “some” ... Read More